Yeo Moor Primary School

Yeo Moor Primary School

Home Hub Accreditation Award 2024


Since September 2023, we have been involved in a Nurturing Schools Programme led by NurtureUK. The aim of this course was to become accredited as an official 'Nurturing School' through an assessment and review process. We are now very proud to say that we have achieved this accreditation. Yeo Moor Primary School is officially a 'Nurturing School'. This is true recognition of all of the wonderful work that happens throughout our community.
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The Home Hub

Our names are Mr Hendy and Mrs Coles and we work in The Home Hub. The Home Hub is a welcoming and homely space for children who need an extra boost to help themselves push towards their full potential in and out of school. It is a place where children can develop their confidence, resilience, engagement, and develop their emotional management skills, amongst many other aspects. Our work is directed by the ‘Yeo Moor Six Principles of Nurture’ which are outlined in the picture below.

In The Home Hub, children work in very small groups (around 6-8 children) with two adults in a nurturing environment. Through carefully planned activities and lessons, children can make great progress in their learning and personal development. Children who come to the Home Hub are still a part of their mainstream classes and spend four half-days in our group, and one whole day in their usual class. In The Home Hub, we enjoy circle games, cooking, phonics, mindfulness, snack and stories, amongst many other things!

If we think your child would be a great fit in our Home Hub ‘family’ we will get in touch with you.

Through embedding the Yeo Moor Six Principles Of Nurture into the policies and practices of our school, we can focus on the social and emotional needs and development of all children, as well as the academic learning of all pupils. These principles underpin the nurturing ethos and approach we adopt throughout our community.