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There is a shortcut to ParentPay in the top right of this website, or you can click here:

In an attempt to remove all cash and cheques from school we are asking all parents to only use our e-payment system. It can be used for:

  • School Trips
  • Breakfast & After-School Clubs
  • Music fees

This can be done online using a secure website called ParentPay or through local stores where you see the PayPoint logo (a bar-coded letter is required).
We would ask that parents/carers log on to the ParentPay website and activate their accounts, to ensure your child is registered.  It only takes a few minutes and you can merge sibling accounts if you have more than one child with a ParentPay account, even if they are at different schools.
If you mislay your activation code, feel free to contact the school office who be able to provide you with a new one.
If you do not have access to the internet, please let the school know.

If you think your child might be entitled to free school meals, click on the link and apply.  It is quick and easy :  Free School Meal application

Communication: Teachers2Parents

We understand the importance of working in partnership with our families to ensure that each child receives the best education that the school can offer.

At Yeo Moor we are able to use text messaging and emailing to communicate school news, updates, reminders, events and other important information.

Text messaging and emailing are discreet, convenient, secure and reliable methods of communication, which saves the school time and money by reducing the burden on our busy administration team, whilst keeping you informed at all times.

From time to time you will receive a text message or email from the school. Please be assured that this service is FREE to you as the recipient of the text message or email.

Notifications will include: 

  • School Closures
  • School Trip Reminders
  • Regular Newsletters

If you would like to be added to the texting and emailing service, please contact the school office.

Please Note: In order for this system to be effective, you must ensure the school are made aware of any changes to your contact numbers or email addresses. If you register, but do not receive any texts or emails, please let us know.


Internet Safety


Within our carefully designed Computing curriculum we recognise the importance of E-safety and take opportunities to invite visitors to our school and take part in national and local events. This term we have had a visit from the Somerset safeguarding team and the community police.      


It has come to our attention that some very disturbing content is circulating on social media at the moment. Our understanding is that some children in the local area have seen messages that are deeply concerning and inappropriate. Our standing advice is to always take an interest in how your child uses social media.  We would like to reinforce the importance of this and ask that you do take all sensible precautions to ensure your child is not exposed to damaging, upsetting or hurtful material via social media. 


This year's theme is 'Online Rights & Responsibilities'. Pupils will be encouraged to consider what their online rights are. Do we have the right to be safe online? Do we have the right to enjoy the internet? Do we have the right to good quality, easy to find information?

Pupils will also reflect on their online responsibilities, considering the way that they behave online and how this can affect their own and other people's experiences.

We hope you find the links below useful to find out more about Internet Safety Day and supporting your child/ren in learning to use the internet safely.


Parent View

We encourage parents to complete the online Parent View questionnaire - It is a quick 12 (Yes/No) question survey that helps the school to improve what we do. Simply click on the Parent View image.


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