Yeo Moor Primary School

Yeo Moor Primary School



As part of the CLT there are some policies that are trust wide: where appropriate, they are tailored for specific schools.  They can be found at:  CLT central policies and include:

CLT Health & Safety
CLT Safeguarding policy for the Clevedon Cluster
CLT Whistleblowing Policy
Data Protection ( under the GDPR link ) 

Appeals Timetable 2021/22

Attendance Policy Yeo Moor Primary School            Attendance Policy Appendix 1

Supporting pupils with medical conditions

Equality & Diversity

Counter Bullying Policy   Counter Bullying Flow Chart

Play Policy

Pupil Premium Policy

SEND Policy

Complaints Policy CLT                         

Marking & Feedback Policy

Health, Sex Education & Relationship Policy

Food Policy

Behaviour for Learning Policy            Appendix 1 - StOP 27

Exclusion Policy 

Health & Safety Policy                      Health & Safety Arrangements

Remote Learning Policy                    Remote Learning Guidance YMPS

Admission Arrangements 2023-24

Charging and Remissions Policy