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Yeo Moor Primary School

Care, Cherish, Excel
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Yeo Moor Learning Vision

Welcome to Yeo Moor

Yeo Moor is a good school (Ofsted June 2023). Children at our school learn to care about the sort of person they want to be, they learn to cherish and respect others and they learn to excel. Ofsted said, “Children behave exceptionally well and show care and regard for others.”

Yeo Moor is a place where children receive an excellent education. It is an environment where children are happy, engaged and purposeful. Ofsted describe it this way, “Pupils enthusiastically embrace learning opportunities and apply themselves diligently to their work. They respond well to clear classroom routines and the high expectations of the school to ensure that learning is not disrupted or time lost.” 

We are very proud of our school community; we are passionate about being a school built on strong values. We believe our ethos has something very positive to offer every child. 

We would very much like to have an opportunity to welcome you to our school and take you on a tour. We want you to see first-hand what we do here and how we will provide the very best start for your child. 

"An imaginative and varied curriculum supports children in developing a broad range of skills. Staff ensure that their dynamic and flexible approach responds to the needs of the children." Ofsted November 2017

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Our curriculum begins with questions.  This is how we relate taught content to the real world. It is how we address a common query from children: “Why are we learning this?”  The knowledge in each subject is carefully sequenced and the distinct disciplines of historians, geographers, musicians, artists, scientists, athletes, writers and mathematicians are placed at the heart of our lessons. Reading is the key that unlocks learning. Teachers forge together teaching and learning for individual subjects and shape them into coherent units of learning that address questions about ourselves and the world we live in.  The values of our school community are represented in these questions (these are ‘Heron Questions’) and this makes our learning journeys relevant to our community of learners and thinkers.

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Welcome from the Head, Mr Lovatt 

I am delighted to be able to offer a warm welcome to Yeo Moor Primary School. I am personally very proud to be part of this School and I hope this website will convey a little of what makes this a special place to learn and to work.

Whether your child joins us aged 2 or later on in the school journey, they will be developing throughout their time at Yeo Moor. Some changes will be subtle – little things like having more confidence to make new friends or take on a responsibility. Others will be more striking: leaving the school with a love of reading, having confidence in their abilities as a learner and being a kind and positive member of the school community.  Your child will also develop awareness of our set of core values. We believe these are key to being successful at this fantastic school and will be crucial for success in the next stage of their education.

Life at Yeo Moor is always a partnership between the school and your family. We will make sure you are supported at every turn and that you and your child feel comfortable, respected, safe, and secure in the school environment. In return we want you to take an active role in your child’s education, and take responsibility for it, not simply believing this task belongs exclusively to others.

Your child will meet challenges and inspiration in the classroom.  We are very proud indeed of our Heron Curriculum.  It offers a wealth of rich learning experiences.  It is centred on learning and the idea that school should be endlessly interesting and hugely enjoyable.

I hope these pages give you a sense of what a busy, purposeful, and ambitious school Yeo Moor is, and an understanding of the values that we share, but it is no substitute for a visit. I do hope we see you here soon.  I would be delighted to welcome you in person and show you around the school.



Futura Learning Partnership

Yeo Moor Primary School is a Futura Learning Partnership school.  Futura is a family of schools working together to serve communities in and around Bath, Bridgwater, Bristol and Clevedon.

Our aim is to deliver a seamless approach to education from the age of 2 to 19,  so that each phase of learning builds progressively on the last.

We strive to provide a safe, nurturing and enriching environment for all the children and young people in our care and our core values of Respect, Opportunity, Collaboration and Aspiration, underpin everything we do.

Please click here for more information about Futura Learning Partnership.

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